Ngô Chuyên


by Ngô Chuyên

K4 Song
I’m 24, a little boring girl who has a younger brother and so many cousins.
I don’t live with my parents but in a room quite near school.

I like music, cooking, reading, riding motorbike around and traveling…

Two years ago, I began my first job as a reporter. I quit it 18 months later, traveling, and then seeking a new job. Six months ago, I was hired as a copywriter for a small media company. Two months ago, I got a phone call saying that I had become one of more than 30 Ford Foundation Film Studies Program’s students. And now I’m joining that class… I’ve read somewhere that a Taurus is a tramp. Then, that’s my fate to be a tramp, haiz…

About the film studies program: Maybe, it’s a shelter for a tramp… :D

Welcome you all to Vietnam – our beautiful country…

To prove, please pass by Vietnam – beautiful country show…






















Thank you for taking time!

Photo by Ngô Chuyên

~ by Ngo Chuyen on December 18, 2008.

11 Responses to “Ngô Chuyên”

  1. So sleepy… wawawa!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. these are beautiful! i am a taurus as well, does that mean im a tramp? well if so, you’re not alone.

  3. Chuyen oi, I posted the pictures I have of K4 in Veranda, but I wasn’t sure about the right lines to post from the “Ve” poem for each picture. The students who are not strong in English need you, Tuoi, Tuoi, Trang, Quynh, Hang, Hoan to help them posting in English. one of the easiest ways to get some interaction going is to have the K4 students with pictures up to post on the American students pages and post a link to the the pages with pictures. For example, you might help Vo Thi Thuy say something to James, and then when you post go to “edit” and create a direct link to Thuy’s page using her name as the “hot spot,” or simply put her URL on James’ comment section, like this:

  4. Welcome to (joining) tramp community (with me), Ange…:P
    Our country is always willing (for you) to be explored…;D

  5. Dean, I’ll help them…

  6. Okay that’sgreat … did you get my email about subtext? Please let me know … Send me an email to confirm. Thanks.

  7. haha– oh geeze. so tell me, have students from other countries visited your school before?

  8. Yeah, there’re so many… Many of them are from Asian countries, some of them from Europe and America…sorry for answering your question so late… we’re kind of busy…
    What kind of music do you like?

  9. Ah, you guys can find me in Facebook… :D

  10. i like ll kinds of music. seriously almost anything. except im not the biggest fan of country. i mostly listen to trip hop or indie rock. my favorite instrument is the violin. what about you?

  11. send the link for facebook

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