K4 song (aka Vè k4)


by Hoa Huyền

K4 song’s Vietnamese version

K4 mini show

Vè is one of very popular kinds of folk songs which now exist around Vietnam. They’re simple poems whose topics are diverse, but mostly social and natural. The exactly time Ve appears is now still strongly disputable, but it’s the favorable way that the people in old times used to show their opinions. Ve is very easy to remember and usually sang by children when playing around.

Following is a Vè which is about K4’s members. It contains their distinguish features and very funny.Calm down, cicadas
To listen to our class song!

It’s Pink and Fresh
Guess what it means
It’s Chief Editor
Hồng Tươi we speak

All we all love
The charming smiles
Owned by a girl
We called Trang béo

Change to Minh Tú
A sexy girl
She’s sparkling
Every time she speaks

Three moons we have
Each got beauty
That makes miss Moon
Jealous! Jealous!

Slimmy but hot
We mean Thúy Còi

And if you need
Some magnifiers
Let’s call Vũ Thảo

Another two Thảo
They’re of beauty

Find monitor?
Call out
Peace! Peace!

Got confused, huh?
We have Ngô Chuyên

Sweet voice, fervour
Như  Quỳnh – she has
And killer legs
She has also

If you don’t know
Where snow white painter lives
Then you must meet
Nguyệt Oanh, Nguyệt Oanh

About Kim Thanh
Poems we heard

Milky, Flowery
Like her, Bích Nguyệt

If Lam starts talk
Non-stop, I’m sure!

But there’s a South guy
Keep listening to the whole stuff

Oh, so provoking
That’s Hong Nhung Princess

Lively a little bit
Smart Hà Phương

Slim Thúy Hương
Love story teller
We’re all in love

Feel free to talk
Phương Ly is there

Do work with care
Khánh Hòa you’ll meet

The girl to trust
We have Thanh Lê

Just remember
The Nam, we said
Guy in the moon

Honest Minh Hoàn
She’s cool, isn’t she?

Sleeping lady
Here come Bích Thủy

Drinking! Drinking!
Call out Cẩm Cẩm

Khánh Vân you’ll meet
Modest but thorough

You might been told
She is married
‘Cause just simple
Her name Hương Giang

Single, I bet
That’s Miss Thanh Hương

With gypsy eyes
Hiền Lê looks great!

Still try and try
Ngô Thanh learns hard

Calm down, cicadas
And listen to K4 song!

(Translated by Ngô Chuyên, Minh Tú)

Image: K4 at Megastar theater. By Hồng Tươi.

~ by Ngo Chuyen on December 16, 2008.

25 Responses to “K4 song (aka Vè k4)”

  1. This is Vè K4’s English version… What do you think, Dean?… Hope it doesn’t sound so much stupid… I’ll do member’s blog posts soon and link them to this post…

  2. Great translation. I totally admire.

  3. Ban tieng Anh hay qua :)

  4. this is great … it’s lovely … ;D i have pictures from in the classroom that we can use for each person, but if you want to post your own self-portraits, we can use those. just try to send them to me. check in later today for an an updated format.

  5. bài tiếng anh này thật là hot, hot,

  6. if you go to the new category called “veranda” you’ll see the first five American photography students … they are twelve hours behind vietnam time, so comments will be a little slow … i still think you’re going to have fun with them before, during and after their visit … ahoy ;D

  7. đọc bài này tra từ điển mệt ghê,

  8. this is a wonderful poem. you all seem really great and i can not wait to meet you!

  9. I am one of the photography students from the US. That’s a pretty cool poem. I can’t wait to meet everyone!

  10. yeah, and when we meet each other, We can make a VÈ poem for you guys. haha!

  11. only I can wait to meet everyone, :D,

  12. yes, can you please make a poem for us?! that would be so cool.

  13. No prob andrea :D! But wait until we meet each other. The poem will be best if we understand you… welcome all of you to Vietnam. where do you live in USA? It’s winter in Vietnam so all of you should bring some warm clothes… (it’s very very cold last winter…)

  14. By the way, what does Veranda means, Dean????

  15. of course we will wait till we meet each other, understanding is important. we live in delaware. it is the second smallest state in the united states, but it was the first one. it has a very good location right between washington d.c. (our country’s capital) and new york city. it is winter where we live as well so we should be prepared for the cold but thank you.

  16. To Andrea: in here, winter is not so cold but in several days, it ‘s freeze (Including rain) in Jan. In day, the weather change like girl change clothes, it ‘s cold in the morning, warm in noon and freeze in the everning, we can’t guess. But i think you can adapt easily, no prob.

  17. Veranda hình như nghĩa là ban công, hành lang,
    mục này có lẽ là “lan man” chăng, :D,

  18. Hix, dù nó có nghĩa như vậy đi chăng nữa thì anh cũng nên dùng từ nào nó lãng mạn hơn đi ạ. Chẳng hạn như “Tản mạn”…
    Lan man là những thứ không cần thiết, cái này, xét về mặt nào đó lại rất cần thiết, há há…

  19. chẳng phải ý của category này là nơi để những bài viết không thuộc về điện ảnh hay sao, :), tức bên lề, ngoài lề, ngoại lệ, ngoại biên, ngoại cảnh, ngoại nhập, :D, tức lan man, linh tinh,

  20. Ầuy, anh hăng quá… Nhưng em chỉ nói một điều thôi, em vẫn thích dùng chữ tản mạn :P

  21. “tản mạn” nghe cứ mệt mệt thế nào,

  22. Huynh đài, nghe nhẹ nhàng mà gợi cảm hứng đó chứ… Đâu có đập, bộp, chộp. giật như mấy từ của huynh đài… :D

  23. haha the weather changes like a girl changes clothes. that is very funny.

  24. Great!!! Trình chuyển ngữ thật đáng bái phục!

    Bà chị Ngô Chuyên ơi, em gửi ảnh cho chị roài mà? Còn mí lời giới thiệu em cũng đã gửi lên group phần trả lời chị Quỳnh ạ, chị cập nhật giúp em được hok? Thanks chị nhìu!!!

  25. OK, chị sẽ nhanh chóng post tuốt cả hội đó (về em) lên…

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