Hey VNU students,

My name is Andrea Ramsay and I am a senior at the University of Delaware studying journalism and art.  I am originally from Vermont, which is close to the Canadian border, but don’t plan on returning there after I graduate in May.  I’ll hopefully be in New York doing something related to journalism.  What are your plans for after school?  Here at Delaware, I live in a small apartment close to campus with three roommates.  During our free time we watch movies, mainly chick flicks, go to the mall, hang out at the local bars, or do events with our sorority, Chi Omega.  Do you live at home or have roommates?  What kinds of things do you do on your free time?  Although I love to travel, I don’t get to do it often, so I am very excited to visit your country and spend some time with you.  Have you ever been to the United States?  Is there anything you would like to know about life or school here?  Or is there anything from the U.S. that you would like to see and that we could bring over?  I look forward to seeing and hearing from you.  Talk to you soon,


~ by maximumeskimo on October 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “Andrea”

  1. Welcome to Vietnam, Andrea :D…
    Maybe, all of you like starbucks but let me tell you that Hanoi (our capital) has so many kinds of coffee… Call me or any friends in K4 if you want to try one of them… That’s one of many strange and interesting things in Vietnam you can explore…
    Bring and show us anything you love about US…
    Look forward to see you!

  2. Hi Andrea, I also studied journalism like you. When I have free time, I watch movie or go shopping with my husband. Are you suprised? I dont know what your major in art. Would you tell me? :D

    Nice to see you and hope meet you soon!

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