My name is James, I’ll be visiting your school in January.

What kind of career are you interested in after school?  I’m
considering going into clinical or research psychology, but I’m also
interested in marketing and advertising, as well as photography and
painting.  I’m currently very busy with schoolwork, but its all very
interesting.  How has school been going for you?  I live at school
with several friends, do you live with family, or at school?

What are some of your other interests?  I don’t play any sports very
well, but I enjoy bicycling a lot.  What kind of music do you like,
and do you play any instruments?  I play the guitar, but I don’t get
to spend as much time playing as I would like.  What are your favorite
movies? I really enjoy Michel Gondry’s films.

Have you travelled to the US before, and is there anything you would
like me or the group to bring along from the US when we visit?

Best Wishes,
James Proctor

~ by maximumeskimo on October 16, 2008.

4 Responses to “James”

  1. Hello James. Welcome to Vietnam. I am Hong Tuoi from Film Studies Program. We are also very busy with school work. Our teachers, including Mr Dean Wilson, are very strict. But it’s great. We have got so many knowledge about movies through this course.

    I would like to be a good film critic and reporter. I am living with my family and my house is quite near school. I like every movies that Tom Hanks stars.

    Just come and live here for some times. Tet Holiday festival is waiting for you.

    See you.

  2. Oh, you can play guitar? very interesting. I love guitar.
    And I am Minh Tu, welcome!

  3. Well, I’ve started my job as a copywriter for a few months. And I’ve been doing some research on film marketing in this film study program… Look like we have some kind of common…
    Look forward to seeing you….And Welcome to Vietnam… :D

  4. Hi James, Iam Thu Trang, I love movie so I decided to join in Film Studies Program. Our class has more than 20 girls but we’re so fun…. Young actress I find so good is Scarlett Johansson, I saw some her film and they’re special.

    Welcome to our class and Vietnam!

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