Poster Nhận diện hạnh phúc

by Hải Hà

A lottery girl seller finds happiness through places she never expected

Film Studies Program
A K5 Film making scholarship

Nhận diện hạnh phúc
Identifying Happiness

Written and Directed by Hà Nguyễn
Produced by Aaron Toronto, Cao Minh Phương
Directer of Photography by Jerry Trần
Edited by Trần Huân
Starring by Hoàn Việt, Trương Huy

Logline: Một cô bé bán vé số tìm thấy hạnh phúc ở những nơi cô không bao giờ ngờ tới…

Genre: Coming of age, Family

Duration: 3 mins


Pics by Hải Hà

~ by Mr.Geo on September 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “Poster Nhận diện hạnh phúc”

  1. Great. Congratz Hai Ha! Please upload your full film so we can watch it here :)

  2. Yes, thank you. My Short will be coming soon. I’m on my way to upload it on youtube.

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