Trần Thị Hồng Tươi


by Ngô Chuyên

K4 song

She looks like she don’t care
Smooth as silk
Cool as air
Oooh it makes you wanna’ shout
You’re so cute, I’ve got to see you …:D

Well, Hong Tuoi just looks like that

She said to me that she did not know what to write about herself… But you all want to see her brief instruction here… actually, she is our baby face sister (she’s 26) in the class and if you don’t want she stare at you, don’t talk too loud in the class…

And this is what she said about the film program: “I want to have a deep knowledge about cinema and can write great film reviews” (you know, her job is to run a film website).

She’s very careful person, I must say…

Go and see her yourself!

~ by Ngo Chuyen on December 18, 2008.

8 Responses to “Trần Thị Hồng Tươi”

  1. knowledge and skill are two staples of success. she must be very smart.

  2. The above photo of mine was taken in Sep 2nd, 2008 (VN Independence Day). It’s not taken when I was in high school as some classmates joke.

  3. you do not look that young. but you do look wonderful

  4. :D Actually, that ‘s her daughter :P.

  5. wait, so thats not really you? im confused.

  6. Dear Ange, it’s totally me. They are just joking. I can not post someone else’s picture here.

  7. oh i understand. well i guess it is a good thing to look young. i showed my mom your picture and she said you were cute.

  8. Tuoi oi, I posted the pictures I have of K4 in Veranda, but I wasn’t sure about the right lines to post from the “Ve” poem for each picture. The students who are not strong in English need you, Trang, Le, Quynh, Hang, Hoan to help them posting in English. one of the easiest ways to get some interaction going is to have the K4 students with pictures up to post on the American students pages and post a link to the the pages with pictures. For example, you might help Vo Thi Thuy say something to James, and then when you post go to “edit” and create a direct link to Thuy’s page using her name as the “hot spot,” or simply put her URL on James’ comment section, like this:

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