Đỗ Minh Tú


by Minh Tú

K4 song

Hi, my name is Minh Tu. I am studying screen writing and want to be a famous screen writer in the future. I like books, animation, manga, coffee, chocolate, apples but anti- sport. I also like to meet people, so if you want to know anything else about me, then come and see me, or just ask me right here.

About the Ford Film Study Programme: I join this film class because I want to produce cartoons. I wish one day, my cartoon blockbusters will be favorable around the world with 500 million dollars earnings each year…

Peace on you!

~ by Ngo Chuyen on December 17, 2008.

3 Responses to “Đỗ Minh Tú”

  1. Wow, you are very good at english it seems. Im sure you will be a famous cartoonist someday as long as you are funny. Cartoons need to make people laugh, and if you make people laugh you will be very good at what you like best. I would like to know what your favorite american cartoon is, if you have one that is.

  2. Hmm, thanks Ange. My English is not very good but I think it’s enough for us to understand each other. All i know about American cartoon are ” Tom and jerry” and Walt Disney ‘s movies. I prefer 2-D cartoon movie than 3-D cause It is more lively.
    My favourite American cartoon is the greatest cartoon of all time( my opinion :p ) “Tom & Jerry”.

  3. “tom and jerry” is an excellent cartoon. a real classic. have you seen any new cartoons such as sponge bob square pants or anything along those lines? Sponge Bob Square pants is very popular with the children today.

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