Park City shorts 09


by Dean Wilson

In case there was any doubt about the number of new filmmakers competing for the world stage, Brian Brooks sets the record straight:

With 46 U.S. short films selected from 3,267 submissions, the Sundance Film Festival’s shorts roster was unveiled today … this year’s shorts program includes 96 short films from 5,632 submissions from both American and international filmmakers ….

Image: A scene from Matthew Rankin and Mike Maryniuk’s animated short film, Cattle Call, courtesy of the Sundance Film Festival. Matthew Rankin is an alumnus of the Toronto International Film Festival’s 2007 Talent Lab. His short film Où est Maurice? (co-director) screened there in 2006.

~ by maximumeskimo on December 9, 2008.

12 Responses to “Park City shorts 09”

  1. cay gi? … khong biet noi the … are you all falling asleep? or maybe out seeing four christmases? seth gordon made three shorts before his docu king of kong hit the underground fest circuit. short film uber alles ;D

  2. What is “cay gi? … khong biet noi the”, :),
    The link “Brian Brooks sets the record straight” is not working,

  3. oi roi oi … cai gi? em nhac lai dieu do duoc không? ;D the link should be working now … thanks.

  4. Chẳng hiểu cái gì :D

  5. Hey, The biggest Eskimo, what’s your favorite Vietnamese word?

  6. i personally like short words … like huong … my wife’s name

  7. maximumeskimo quả nhiên là biết nịnh vợ,

  8. Người thì to mà lại thích những chữ nhỏ nhỏ…

  9. i like short … silent … films too …

  10. Do you know the name we call such small (short) but marvelous things? It’s “BÉ HẠT TIÊU”… The film looks great… though I had no idea about the dialogue…

  11. thanks so much … that link is to a clip from an animated feature film by an iranian woman who lives in paris. she first published a graphic novel and then directed the feature:

    i don’t remember what reminded me about that in this thread ;D

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