Nguyễn Thu Trang


by Ngô Chuyên

K4 Song

This is the girl who gives you a feeling that nothing can make her angry.
She is 24, a Pisces. A Pisces is told to have art sensitiveness. And in her own situation, she thinks there’s a part of truth. She’s in love with films, music, fine art, history and… her husband as well.

She said: “I like films, especially American films which are easy to find out and buy in Việt Nam. If other countries’ movies are more popular in Việt Nam, my film taste will not be such boring”. She said so, but don’t think so. I bet you her film collection is the most diverse (in term of genre and country origin) among our class.

She likes to be called Trang béo (Fatty Trang) – the nickname her family and friends gave her.

Her massage to US friends: “I’ve heard some of you major in photography. I do hope to have a chance to watch your own pictures”.

About the Ford Film Studies Program, she said: “The program came to me all of a sudden. Unplanned things sometimes mean interesting. For me, Ford Film Studies Program is such a unplanned happiness. I enjoy going there everyday”.

In fact, she is the most hard-working member in the class. Up to now, she has skipped no lecture…

~ by Ngo Chuyen on October 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “Nguyễn Thu Trang”

  1. i love the first line of you K4 song. that is a wonderful character trait.

  2. Trang oi, I posted the pictures I have of K4 in Veranda, but I wasn’t sure about the right lines to post from the “Ve” poem for each picture. The students who are not strong in English need you, Tuoi, Le, Quynh, Hang, Hoan to help them posting in English. one of the easiest ways to get some interaction going is to have the K4 students with pictures up to post on the American students pages and post a link to the the pages with pictures. For example, you might help Vo Thi Thuy say something to James, and then when you post go to “edit” and create a direct link to Thuy’s page using her name as the “hot spot,” or simply put her URL on James’ comment section, like this:

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