Sara Beth


Hey, everybody at VNU!
My full name is Sara Shalomet Beth Winters. Shalomet isn’t a mddle name, it is
my first name in Hebrew. It means ‘peaceful’. Sara Beth means ‘princess’. Since I
lived in China, I also have Chinese characters for my name.

My zodiac is a Yin Fire Rabbit (cat), so I am 21 years old, and a junior at the
University of Delaware, with a dual major in International relations
(concentration: development), and East Asian Studies (concentration: Chinese). I
also have a Japanese minor. I love languages and want to be a translator or
diplomat. I also read Hebrew, Spanish, and have just started learning some
Vietnamese for the trip.

Since I cannot see very well, I cannot drive, so I have to live on campus during
the school year, and at my job while school is not in session. My apartment is
nice, it has a kitchen, bathroom, large living room, and a bedroom. I have one
roommate who is two years younger than me, and majoring in biology.

At home, my situation is a little different. I am from New Jersey, twenty minutes
outside of New York City, and my family’s house is very small by my area’s
standards. My bedroom is small and does not have a flat floor (some portions
are raised and lowered because it looks as if it were originally a closet), so there
is nowhere to put a bed frame. I sleep on the floor on a futon instead. The rest
of my room is a set of floor-to ceiling shelves all around, except for where the
door and window are. I have posters on the ceiling of circus performers, and
lots of hanging art, and any of the shelves that have doors over them are
covered in posters or photographs. Whatever shelves don’t have clothes in them
have books. I love to read.

The reason why my family decided to have a small house is because my parents
live on a boat for half the year. We travel up and down the east coast of the US.
When I graduated high school, I stopped being able to live with them on the
water. I needed to get a job during school breaks to earn money. One summer, I
lived in Japan, the rest I worked and lived in a home for the blind. I am awaiting
reply for a job in Japan this summer.

Although I cannot see very well, I love martial arts. I have taken naginata in
college (Japanese spear fighting), fencing in middle school (European style
sword fighting), and was on my high school’s archery team for four years. I still
do archery with the Blind Sports Organization a few times a year. My favorite
bow is the compound bow.

In my free time, I like reading books, playing video games, and sewing. My
favorite book is Watchmen, and I like the Sherlock Holmes short stories as well.
Any good mystery or detective story will do!

As for TV, I don;’t watch very much, but I do like Doctor Who. My favorite
movies are Princess Mononoke, Triplets of Bellville, and A World Without
Thieves. My favorite actors are David Tennant and Will Smith. I like action
movies, parodies, science fiction, and mysteries, but do not like musicals or

I love music. My dad is the lead guitarist of a band called Beauty and the Beasts,
but I can’t really play anything. I love listening to Nightwish, TSO, John Mayer,
and Porcupine Tree. I like rock, metal, classical, and alternative. My least
favorite genre is rap.

There are four people in my family. My father is the oldest, then my mother,
and  have one older brother, too. My father is Roy and my mother is Sherri, and
they own a printing business together. Before they began the shop, my father
was a chemical engineer and my mother taught English as a second language.
My older brother is an officer and pilot in the US Air Force.

It was a pleasure to introduce myself to you. Let me know if there is anything I
can bring you guys when we come to visit. It will be just before Tet, too! I love
the New Year.


Sara Beth Winters
University of Delaware Undergraduate

~ by maximumeskimo on October 17, 2008.

5 Responses to “Sara Beth”

  1. Hello Princess. Your name is very lovely. Thank you for sharing so many information about you with us. My name is Hong Tuoi, which means Forever Young or Always Smile :-). It’s great that you have learn many languages. I can only learn English and find it a nightmare studying French (although I love to listen to French).

    I live with my parents and two sisters. Our house is also small. My own room is just about 15 sq meter, which is enough for me to put a bed, a table for my computer and one for books. Luckily, I have a dressing room.

    I am very happy when all of you ask us about something you can bring from America. Well, you can bring anything you want, ’cause there must be many things in American. :-). Don’t worry, just come and enjoy Vietnam.

    If you have known about Chinese, you will not feel strange in Vietnam, because two countries are quite similar. But there are differences two, e.x language…

  2. Hello Beth ( Do you mind if I call you Beth?). When I looked at the girl beside the horse, her face, her mile made me feel peaceful. Like person, like name :P.

    Hong Tuoi simply mean ” Fresh Pink”, like ” fresh fish’, ” fresh fruit”, bla, bla…hehe ( eh, excuse me, Hong Tuoi, where can you find the meaning ” forever young ” huh :-?? In your dream?

    My name is Minh Tu, it means “a Sparkling Star” .:”>

  3. Hi Sara, I really love your way to say hello to us… I guess you’re very careful girl… If you can speak Chinese you will find Vietnamese quite easy to learn…
    Welcome to Vietnam!

  4. Hi Princess, Iam Thu Trang, Iam a 4 eyes girl like you, :D. My close friend also studied in China in 4 years. I will present you to her when you are in Vietnam.

    Now I dont live with my family anymore :D because I live with my husband.

    I and my husband have same nickname call :Beo (it means fat).

    Nice to see you!

  5. Pleased to meet everyone! Sara, Sara-Beth, or just Beth is fine, but I feel a little awkward about being called Princess, my aunts do that to me.

    Thank you very much for making me feel welcome.

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