My name is Andrea Davies however, I prefer to be called Ange.

I have three sisters but no brothers or pets. Well actually I have fish, but I think of them more as an art piece, since I do not have a relationship with them. I am a
sophomore in college and my major is visual communication. I think I would like
to be a working with a fashion magazine, or maybe as a fashion photographer
when I graduate, but I am not really positive. I still have a lot to figure out about
my life and life in general. Do you know what career you might like to have
when you are finished with school? I am very excited to visit Vietnam. I really
like to travel. Have you been to the United States or have any desire to visit the
US? I really like it here, there are so many opportunities to take advantage of.
What kinda of things do you like to do in Vietnam? Do you play sports or an
instrument? When I come to visit I would like to bring you a gift. What would
you like or is there anything in particular you would like to see? Please let me
know. I am very excited to experience a whole new world and I am looking
forward to meeting you.

Until then…

~ by maximumeskimo on October 17, 2008.

10 Responses to “Ange”

  1. Hi Ange,

    Firstly, you look so cute..
    when I was a child, I had a big dream – be a famous writer for children, like Astrid Lindgren. But my mother – a teacher, told me that I’m good at maths, literature does not suit me, so I gave up. I studied economic in a VNU. I learned to be a financer but I still want to be a writer. And now, I’m studying to make my dream come true.
    Maybe I am not a famous writer in the future and be only an officer like everybody, who knows, but I think continued what i really want to do is my carrier.

  2. thank you so much for your complement. as far as being a writer goes, you should follow your dream. dreams are important to carry out because if you do not, you will always wonder. maybe you could combine your math with writing somehow. you could have the best of both worlds. “what would you do if you knew you could not fail” this is one of my favorite sayings because half the time people don’t do things is because they are afraid to fail. but if failure was not an option you would not worry and success would come naturally i believe. can you upload a picture of your self? this way we can see you each individually rather than as a class so we can put faces with names and know who is who when we arrive. so what else would you like to know about me, the u.s. or anything? i would like to know what is your favorite thing to write about and why.

  3. You know, i like gifts :D, but it’s easy for you if the gifts are something small… :P
    anyway, welcome to Vietnam and enjoy it your way :D, Ange!

  4. i will bring a little something for sure but tell me about yourself please. i would like to get to know about you and your culture before i arrive in vietnam.

  5. i will bring something, even if it is small, how many film students in total is there?

  6. Well, you know, I’m collecting comments…!!! :D So leave some more if you can…

  7. nice to meet you, cheer,

  8. Dear Ange, feel free to comment on every post. It’s great. We are happy to read your comments.

  9. life is beautiful

  10. okay! ill comment on every post, haha. well maybe not everyone but alot because this is very fun and crazy. life IS beautiful- isnt it?

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