My name is Ayelet (pronounced like I Yell It) don’t worry, you’ll get it eventually!
How are you? How is the school year going? I am currently a Junior (third year student) at the university of Delaware! I am studying photography and art and I just love taking pictures and want to work for a magazine! What about you? What are you studying? This is my first time coming to Vietnam, Have you been to America before? I love watching the show Gossip Girl and What Not To Wear, do you know those shows?

I am currently living in an off campus apartment with some of my best friends and its so much fun, what about you? Where do you live? I cant wait to go shopping in Vietnam and explore the country and  get cool things, is there anything you would like from America? Common, I know you want something!

Hope to keep in touch and have an awesomeeee day!
-Ayelet Danie

~ by maximumeskimo on October 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “Ayalet”

  1. Hi Ayelet. Welcome to Vietnam. Our class are eager to meet you and your class. Hope you will have great time in our country.

    I have graduated from the College of Foreign Languages and worked as an editor for an online newspaper for almost 4 years. Every member of The Film Studies Program has graduated from one college and university. But don’t worry, ‘cause we are very young.

    I have never has got a chance to visit America. Recently, I like watching game show Moment of Truth on Star World. I live in Hanoi with my family (my parents, two other sisters). I’m sure you will take a lot of beautiful photos of Vietnam when you travel across the country. Shopping is great, too. You will spend our Tet Holiday (traditional lunar new year) in Vietnam. Be prepared to experience. :-)

  2. Hi Ayalet, I bet you’ve heard many people saying that you’re very sexy girl…?
    We’ll think about the gift and let you know soon… It’s really difficult matter, you know… :P
    WoW, shopping in Vietnam, huh? Get your suitcase prepared…
    Welcome to Vietnam….

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