I’m Allie Push and I am a painting and photography student
from the University of Delaware. How is school going? School is going
well for me. Our fall semester here is ending and I am happy to say
that I am almost done with all my work. I live in a house very close
to campus with three of friends; do you live close to school? When I
graduate, I plan on continuing to make and, hopefully, present my
work. What are your future career plans?

Have you ever been to America before? I have only left the country
once, so I am very excited to visit Vietnam and I am looking forward
to meeting you. What kinds of books and music are you interested in?
Personally, I am a fan of many different types of music, but I mostly
listen to instrumental music, rock. ska, punk, and classic rock.
Although I do not read as much as I would like to, I enjoy most books
about art, music, and most American classics, such as The Catcher in
the Rye.

I cannot believe how soon we will be in Vietnam and I am very excited
to meet you! Is there anything about US that you are interested in
that we could bring or tell you about?
See you soon and take care!

-Allie Push

~ by maximumeskimo on October 16, 2008.

3 Responses to “Allie”

  1. Hiii Allie. Welcome to Vietnam. I am Hong Tuoi from the Film Studies Program of VNU. I have worked as an editor for an online newspaper in several years. I love movies a lot, so I attend this course. I am living with my family, near my campus.

    I have never came to America. The only foreign country I have been to is Thai Lan. I came there last year. Willl you and your class stay in Vietnam for a month? If so, you will spend out Tet holiday (traditional lunar new year). I am sure you will be surprised with our life and tradition.

    I like to read books, every kinds of stories I have, buy or borrow , from classics to contemporary. Surely, there are many things about the America that we want to know. Just come and tell us.

    See you.

  2. Well, well, I read ” The Catcher in the Rye” three times ( in VNmese, of course) and it took me a lot of tear.

    P/s : Nice picture ( I like your smile)

  3. Vietnam is quite far from US, right? But you’re not Colombo :D, you have US Airway (and other airways :P) around… We hope see you soon…

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